The Sula story continued

…..Alison has travelled throughout India and Vietnam in search of communities who hand-weave, dye and embellish luxury cloth, perpetuating time-honoured traditions. She cherishes the irregularity of hand-woven cloth and stitching and poignant beauty of fabrics that develop patina over time. Close working relationships with local craftspeople are established and ethical practices ensured.  



Sula presents two collections each year. These combine new designs, alongside items that her clients order repeatedly in different colour hues and textiles such as bias-cut camisoles, vintage style dresses,  georgette silk blouses and hand smocked Khadi cotton tunics.


Sula Production India


Sula are currently undertaking pattern making, sampling and production in a Delhi Atelier where, in the traditions of haute couture, one worker often makes one garment and the quality is superlative. This enriches the maker’s experience and by concentrating production reduces air miles.

Sula production Viet Nam

Many Sula garments are made using fine silks that are woven in a village North of Ha Noi. The industry, which has existed for over 200 years, comprises many small family run businesses where the silk is woven, dyed in exquisite hues and hand embroidered.