Silks and Khadi’s

Sula has commissioned Vietnamese silks for more than 15 years. More complex weaves, such as georgette and crêpe de Chine are sourced in ethically run factories, whilst the finest organza, habotai and satins are hand woven by women in domestic spaces to supplement agricultural incomes. Sula is committed to supporting and ensuring the continuation of such craft practices.

Sula makes all of their woven cotton garments from khadi, the most refined of cottons that is not only hand woven, but also hand spun. The handle, drape and feel are exceptional. Khadi production was promoted by Mahatma Gandhi as a symbol of anti-colonialism in the 1920s.


Bamboo Cotton


The softest cotton and bamboo fibres are combined to make Sula T-shirts. The cotton is organic and the bamboo, which is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics and possesses natural anti-bacterial qualities, provides beauty with durability.

Special Fabrics

Alison’s extensive searches for fine fabrics have also unearthed stunning trimmings, such as silk ribbons; silk brocades woven with metal threads and sari silks. Also, the softest woven wools and yarns that are knitted to make snug sweaters that are individualized by details such as hand stitching and raw edges. Delicate and bold prints, along with stunning accessories provide further character to a label that is entirely distinctive.